Semiconductor Opportunity in Consumer/DIY Video Surveillance Camera Market to Reach $ 260 Million Print

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., August 20, 2008— The market for video surveillance equipment is expanding beyond the professional segment to include the consumer market.  A new class of consumer Do-it-Yourself (DIY) cameras is emerging and available to consumers through retail outlets and broadband service providers.  Underlying this growing DIY camera market is a semiconductor opportunity that is expected to grow from $ 37.9 million in 2007 to nearly $ 260 Million by 2012.


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The applications driving home video surveillance range from simple doorbell cameras to remote surveillance and recording services. Companies are positioning do-it-yourself (DIY) surveillance kits that include cameras, network adapters, and PC and Internet-based monitoring and recording software.  Such systems also allow consumers to monitor their home remotely over the Internet, or even via their mobile phones. 

Among the driving factors in this market is the emergence of consumer level Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance cameras.  These consumer IP cameras leverage the now widespread availability of consumer home networks. 

"Consumer/DIY cameras are among the newest peripherals leveraging home networks," stated Mark Kirstein, President of MultiMedia Intelligence.  "Now broadband service providers are increasingly looking to consumer video surveillance to create value-added services opportunities."

MultiMedia Intelligence’s new research also found:

  • Consumer/DIY IP cameras will leverage “no-new-wires” home networking technologies such as powerline and Wi-Fi home networking interfaces.


  • Camera manufacturers such as D-Link, Logitech/Wi-Life, Lorex, Samsung and Swann Communications are among the camera market competitors.

"Consumer Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Surveillance: Cameras, Broadband Services & Semiconductor" provides research, analysis and forecasts for the consumer/DIY video surveillance camera, broadband services and semiconductor markets.  The research provides

  • Examination of the DIY surveillance market in context of the broader video surveillance market, and the broadband and home networking market 


  • Forecasts for consumer broadband surveillance monitoring services


  • Forecasts for camera shipments and revenue


  • Forecasts of the underlying semiconductors by semiconductor product type 


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