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Advertising Goes Mobile

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Changing Consumer Behavior Fuels Mobile Advertising Industry

Trends in both the advertising industry and the wireless industry are driving the emergence of a vibrant, albeit nascent, mobile advertising market, according to MultiMedia Intelligence's new whitepaper.

Advertisers and media companies are seeking new advertising channels as consumers shift their media consumption behavior. A variety of trends are aligning to create the “perfect storm” in traditional media and advertising. An array of new channels, platforms and networks are enabling new ways to reach consumers. Meanwhile, many traditional advertising channels are becoming less effective as a result of time shifting content, changing media consumption behavior, and growing consumer expectations for control and personalization.


The mobile industry is also facing a shifting landscape. Traditional mobile voice services are seeing increasing commoditization, as many developed countries approach 100% subscriber penetration. Voice ARPU (average revenue per user) is falling. Mobile operators are driving toward an increasingly rich array of data services to sustain growth. Mobile handsets are becoming increasingly powerful media devices, capable of providing a rich media (and advertising) experience. Finally, the Internet is converging with mobile devices and mobile networks. With advertising as a prominent business model for both media and the Internet, the emergence of mobile media and mobile internet will drive mobile advertising.

MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper, “Advertising Goes Mobile,” is free for download.


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