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This whitepaper identifies methods for semiconductor companies, technology providers, media companies and ad agencies to create the next generation of advertising.

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Technology has played a key role in making things better, faster, and cheaper. However, technology has also been highly disruptive to the status quo. It changes user behavior as well as business behavior, which in turn changes competitiveness and business models. Failure to adapt to changing technology and user behavior have has proven deadly for companies.

Yet, the disruption on traditional media advertising models is still at its nascent stages. The largest advertising market, TV, is just beginning to feel the impact. Traditional content owners like music labels, studios, television affiliates, game publishers, and cable and satellite providers are being pulled into the new technology-driven world.


MultiMedia Intelligence believes advertising and technology companies need to engage with companies that in the past they didn’t pay much attention to. If you are an advertisement agency executive you need to be asking yourself:

  • What are STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Intel working on today that will enable my next opportunity?

If you are a semiconductor or software company, you need to ask:

  • How can my technology enable the next wave of digital advertising?

MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper, “Implementing Digital Advertising In Hardware” is free for download.



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