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Whitepaper: Multimedia Handsets- The World’s Most Ubiquitous Entertainment Device Print E-mail

Voice commoditization and falling voice ARPU are driving wireless operators to focus on data revenue models and services. This whitepaper identifies the key role that multimedia handsets play in supporting advanced data services.

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Beyond Basic Multimedia... Moving to Feature-rich Multimedia Handsets

The shift to data revenue is among several key trends in the wireless industry, including:

- Development of mobile premium content, including mobile music, games, video and TV

- An array of new data applications, including location-based services, mobile banking, mobile wallets, and enterprise productivity applications.

- Broadening of business models and market participants

- Mobile advertising emerges

- Loosening of operator-centric walled gardens

- Off-deck content growth and distribution

- Convergence with Internet/IP applications brings new market participants and a shifting competitive landscape.

- Convergence with an array of new networks & connectivity


These trends are driving a momentous transition in the wireless industry, including a drive toward multimedia handsets. The “phone” has expanded into a multi-use device that changes its utility based on use. Handset manufacturers are racing to support industry demand for increasingly feature-rich multimedia handsets, while controlling handset cost and power consumption.

MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper, “Multimedia Handsets- The World's Most Ubiquitous Entertainment Device” is free for download.

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