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Video Surveillance Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Market Fragmenting Among Product Categories Print E-mail

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 18, 2008- The transition to networked video surveillance is driving a proliferation of product categories in the digital video surveillance market, according to new research from MultiMedia Intelligence. Among the segments MultiMedia Intelligence identifies in the DVR market are Embedded DVRs, PC-Based DVR, Hybrid Network Video Recorder (NVR/DVR), Embedded NVR and NVR with network-based storage.



Traditional Embedded DVRs still dominate the overall video surveillance storage market, comprising 62% of the nearly $2 Billion DVR market in 2007. However, growth has shifted to networked storage products. MultiMedia Intelligence expects the hybrid NVR/DVR segment, which supports both analog and Internet Protocol (IP) camera inputs, to be among the most compelling segments.
“The hybrid NVR/DVR market reflects the broader surveillance market,” according to Mark Kirstein, president of MultiMedia Intelligence. “IP surveillance cameras are growing quickly, but will not supplant CCTV cameras any time soon. Both analog and IP cameras will co-exist for a substantial period of time.”
The NVR category is growing quickly as well. However this segment is split between two sub-segments. The software virtualized NVR category largely reflects a software-based solution, as the hardware tends to be industry standard network storage equipment. The embedded NVR category features a stand-alone hardware NVR, much like the traditional embedded DVR form-factor.


MultiMedia Intelligence’s video surveillance research also found:

  • The DVR market is migrating to higher compression video codecs; MPEG-4 and H.264, as well a dual-codecs.
  • Increasing channel counts, migrating from 4 and 8 channel DVRs to 8 and 16 channel DVRs
  • While CCTV cameras are currently the largest semiconductor segment in the video surveillance equipment market, by 2012 DVR/NVR equipment will become the largest semiconductor opportunity.


ReportInternet Protocol (IP)/Networked Video Surveillance Market: Equipment, Technology & Semiconductors
# of Pages58
# of Tables32
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Market Forecasts
  • Worldwide Video Surveillance Equipment Revenue by Equipment Type and Geographic Region
  • Video Recorder Market Segmentation (PC-Card Based, Embedded DVR, Embedded Hybrid DVR, NVR)
  • Surveillance Camera Segmentation(Professional, Consumer/DIY, CCTV, IP)
  • Video Surveillance Video Content Analytics
  • Digital Source and Storage Channels by Equipment Type
  • Average number of Video Channels for DVRs and IP Encoders/Streamers
  • Semiconductor Revenue by Equipment Type and by Semiconductor Type
  • Semiconductor ASPs per Digital Channel by Semiconductor Product Type
  • Image Sensors by Resolution, CMOS vs CCTV
  • Networked Camera Features (PoE, Wireless)
RegionsAmericas, EMEA, Asia
# Companies Mentioned80

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“Internet Protocol (IP)/Networked Video Surveillance Market: Equipment, Technology & Semiconductors” analyzes the IP/Networked surveillance market within the context of the broader video surveillance industry. The research examines the value chain from end-users to distribution/sales, integrators, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and semiconductor providers. Our expertise is based on years of researching the physical security, digital camera and semiconductor markets. The report forecasts and segments markets by product category, including CCTV & IP cameras, Encoder/Streamers, DVR/NVR, and surveillance software & video content analytics. In addition, detailed technology segmentation and forecasts are included for semiconductors in each product category, video signal processors & codecs, image sensors (CMOS/CCD), camera resolution, and network interfaces (PoE, Wi-Fi/Mesh, and others). Forecasts include units, revenue, ASPs at the equipment, software and semiconductor level by product type.