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  12-10-2008- Motorola's U.S cell phone dominance wanes

Motorola is expected to provide 21 per cent of all handsets bought in the consumer market in the U.S. in 2008. But without any new hit products coming on the market, Samsung and LG are poised to surpass Motorola in terms of marketshare in 2009.


11-25-2008- Wi-Fi taking off on Virgin...

While airlines are expected to earn as much as $936 million from Wi-Fi services in 2012, according to research firm MultiMedia Intelligence, they'll also be able to generate as much as $913 million from in-flight video broadcasts.

  11-19-2008-  More Work for SMS- Although other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi can provide the same level of interactivity, the research firm predicts no other alternative will find the success of SMS.

 11-19-2008 Nearly half of all digital displays to leverage SMS by 2012


 Webinar 11-18-08-  MultiMedia Intelligence President, Mark Kirstein, presents:

Back to Basics: Winning Mobile Applications for Today's Economy


 11-17-2008  Analyst Angle: The open-data-pipe boogey man (P2P Networking in the Mobile World )

Editor’s Note: RCR Wireless's weekly feature, Analyst Angle. They’ve collected a group of the industry’s leading analysts (Frank Dickson, Chief Research Officer, MultiMedia Intelligence) to give their outlook on the hot topics in the wireless industry.


11-11-08- Mobile data: Can carriers ride the wave?

Frank Dickson, ... of consultancy Multimedia Intelligence, ... Apple changed the dynamic. "I think one of the things that Apple probably did a lot more than RIM is really take that whole smartphone-type concept and instead of focusing on an enterprise user, really focused on making that handset friendly for a consumer market," Dickson said.  


11-5-2008- Comcast's Usage Caps Are Bewildering: Report..... Comcast has huge pipes, but it doesn't really want people to use them. It's a funny thing, notes MultiMedia Intelligence, a research firm, that Comcast is beefing up its service while simultaneously limiting people's use of its network.

 10-30-2008- Digital signage market to reach 2.3 million displays by 2012.  Officials at MultiMedia Intelligence say
 Image 10-23-2008- Hispanic teens set for strong mobile growth a new report from MultiMedia Intelligence estimates the segment includes about 2.5 million subscribers and is expected to grow at rate of two-to-three-times ...


 10-23-2008 - Licensed P2P to Rise, But Piracy Will Dominate

Still, rights holders shouldn’t hope for the death of online piracy just yet. Licensed P2P will grow much faster than its pirate cousin, but that’s primarily because it’s just getting started.


 10-22-2008 - Forecast: Legal P2P uses growing 10x faster than illegal ones

P2P is "starting to see a lot more legitimate uses," says Frank Dickson of MultiMedia Intelligence.


 10-21-2008 - P2P Traffic to Quadruple

Peer-to-peer web traffic will grow almost 400 percent over the next five years. That could be bad news for broadband service providers such as Comcast that have been at war with P2P traffic-generating startups such as BitTorrent.


 10-20-2008 - OMG, the teen market is slowing

Editor’s Note: RCR Wireless's weekly feature, Analyst Angle. They’ve collected a group of the industry’s leading analysts (Frank Dickson, Chief Research Officer, MultiMedia Intelligence) to give their outlook on the hot topics in the wireless industry.

10/13/2008 ..."as more people get online video to TV services … measuring services and their performance will become more critical to monetize the business, especially for the advertising model.” said Mike Inouye, industry analyst for the research group MultiMedia Intelligence.

 9/30/2008 San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles Are the Most Connected Cities, Based on Home Networking
  9/30/2008- San Francisco, Miami More 'Connected' than New York: Study  MultiMedia Intelligence also found that people with more money were more likely to have a home network. ...

 9-20-2008 - Analyst Angle: Foreboding cloud coming ‘off the deck’

Editor’s Note: RCR Wireless's weekly feature, Analyst Angle. They’ve collected a group of the industry’s leading analysts (Frank Dickson, Chief Research Officer, MultiMedia Intelligence) to give their outlook on the hot topics in the wireless industry.


9-18-2008 - Anticipating Android phone  Frank Dickson Podcast


 9/18/2008- American girls love to talk: Official  -  But boys are slower to adopt mobiles


 9/3/2008- Chrome's Mobile Future -"The combination of location, maps and ads on a mobile platform is game-changing," says Frank Dickson, chief research officer of MultiMedia Intelligence.

 Image 8-25-9008 - Analyst Angle: Call-to-action advertising proves that dreams do come true
  8/19/2008- Forecast: Ringbacks to yield $4.7B worldwide by 2012
  8/11/2008- MultiMedia Intelligence found that cellular subscribers ages 12 to 17 surpassed 16 million in 2007...
 Image 7-28-2008 - Analyst Angle: Mobile content providers beware, the iPhone is a Trojan iHorse
  7/24/2008- Time to drop cable television? Not so fast- The content deals are starting to come together, but the library is still pretty narrow," said Mark Kirstein of MultiMedia Intelligence. 
 New York Times7-21-2008 - Drilling Down - Ahh, Remember Your First Cellphone? - 
Frank Dickson, the chief research officer of MultiMedia Intelligence and the study’s author, said he believed that the teenage market for cellphones was nearly saturated.

 6-18-2008 The iPhone's Next Frontier: Porn

Mark Kirstein, president of Multimedia Intelligence, a mobile-research firm, says the iPhone is like a Trojan horse that lets smut providers cut out the carrier as middleman. "The iPhone becomes a portal where people can get to content directly without worrying about the social mores of the network operator,"


6-09-08 - In-flight broadband expected to be $936 million industry by 2012 - MultiMedia Intelligence issued a report Monday projecting the industry would debut this year at $6.6 million in passenger revenue and skyrocket to $936 million worldwide by 2012.


6-05-08 - Nokia bets Americans want all-purpose cell phones

Frank Dickson, chief research officer for MultiMedia Intelligence, a business consulting firm in Scottsdale, Ariz. "A lot of what we've learned from the Internet is migrating to the handset. We're seeing a natural progression among people who want to share and communicate in the way they have on the Internet."


MultiMedia Intelligence and Experian to integrate industry and consumer research


5-22-08- Video over IP: Opportunities and Challenges!- Guest: Mark Kirstein
Whether it's used for security surveillance or as a resource for an enterprise, Video over IP has penetrated the enterprise. What used to be an operations issue is now one more headache for the IT leader. What does getting Video over IP buy us? While it's a bandwidth hog, could there be benefits worth the investment?


5-21-08- On-Device Portals: What's After WAP

"The problem facing operators is discovery--how do I get people to engage, view and experience mobile content?" said Frank Dickson, market analysis firm MultiMedia Intelligence's co-founder and chief research officer.


4-22-08- Research indicates almost 50 percent growth for IP video surveillance


"There's going to be better bandwidth as well as a proliferation of devices, and streaming video for sports and entertainment is a logical next step," said Frank Dickson of MultiMedia Intelligence.


Digital Watermarking Alliance Reports... Increased Adoption across the Media Landscape


Android opens door to IC open source

BARCELONA, Spain -- Mobile World Congress this year has offered a storm of announcements and demonstrations surrounding Google's new Android mobile operating system, with Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and others showing off early implementations. But the demonstrations of Android--a Linux-based, open mobile platform--sparked as many questions as answers.


New Market Study Predicts Growth in Watermarking and Fingerprinting Markets
MultiMedia Intelligence predicts over $500 Million in revenue for digital content identification technologies by 2012.


2008: The Year of Multimedia Handsets?- Frank Dickson, ... "2008 will see a heightened battle for control of the platforms and business models. Companies like Nokia and Apple will pull at the operators, trying to capture data, content and application revenue for themselves.


Google's Android Open Handset Alliance Challenges Incumbents

..."The openness of the Internet is starting to impact the relatively closed environment of the mobile handset makers," said Mark Kirstein, founder and CEO of MultiMedia Intelligence...

Rick Sizemore Interview: Google's Android


Cellular Handsets and VoFi Drive a Revolution in Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Reports MultiMedia Intelligence