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Market Databases

Our research databases quantify current and forecasted market revenues, unit shipments, subscriber counts, price points, feature adoption, and market shares across a range of target markets. The databases are comprehensive and integrated to ensure consistency and reliability of forecasts across multiple platforms and networks. These databases provide the core data sets that underlie our industry-leading research reports and consulting services.


Global Wireless Subscriber Model

The model includes operating metrics for key mobile operators on a country by country basis. The Global Wireless Subscriber model provides the basis for MultiMedia Intelligence's market sizing and segmentation of mobile multimedia content, including mobile music, games, video, graphics and applications. Key Data includes:

  • Subscribers
  • Churn
  • Service revenue
  • ARPU
  • Voice revenue
  • Data/service revenue
  • Capex


Mobile Handset Forecast Model

MultiMedia Intelligence’s Mobile Handset Forecast Model includes data on specific handsets across major handset manufacturers. The model utilizes the following key data sets:

  • Nearly 2,000 handsets
  • Features characterized for each handset
  • Handset vendor market shares and the top selling individual handsets
  • Wireless handset market Unit shipment forecast
  • Wireless handset market Average Selling Price forecast
  • Wireless handset market Revenue forecast
  • Segmentation of specific components and semiconductor devices


MultiMedia Content Model

The model characterizes, analyses, estimates and forecasts the various digital content markets. The model examines content from an ecosystem perspective, weighing the effects of various content features including content type, business model, content source, distribution method, and relevant technologies. Each segment is characterized in terms of units, subscribers, revenue, and pricing. Multimedia markets are characterized across key data sets including:

  • Digital media by type: video, music, gaming, images and applications
  • Media Characteristics: Feature length, Episodes, Events, Clips
  • Business Models: Advertise, Rent, Subscribe, Electronic-Sell-Through
  • Content Source: Professional, Long-Tail, User Generated
  • Distribution/Operators: Facilities-Based, Non-Facilities-Based (Over-the-Top)
  • Distribution/Operators: Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Telecom/IPTV, Wireless, Internet, Enterprise, Legacy Media/Disk
  • Key Technologies: Codecs/MPEG, Digital Rights Management(DRM)/Conditional Access(CA), DVB, ATSC, ISDB, MediaFlo, DSP, SOC, ASSP


MultiMedia Equipment Model

The model characterizes, analyses, estimates and forecasts the various fixed and mobile multimedia equipment and consumer electronics. Each segment is characterized in terms of units, revenue, and pricing. Multimedia markets are characterized across key data sets including:

  • Operator Set Top Boxes: Cable, Satellite, IPTV
  • Consumer Electronics: Video Game Consoles, Internet TV/Digital Media Adapter(DMA), Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Televisions: HDTV, Plasma, LCD, Projection
  • PCs: Desktops, Notebooks
  • Mobile: Portable Media Players (PMP), MP3, Portable Navigation Devices (PND)
  • Home Networking: PC-Based, Media
  • Key Technologies: Coax, Powerline, Wi-Fi, Codecs/MPEG, DRM, CA, DSP, SOC, ASSP


Experian: Simmons National Consumer Survey (NCS)

Through our partnership with Experian Consumer Research, MultiMedia Intelligence leverages among the most rigorous and complete consumer primary research databases in the industry. Leveraging the most detailed usage information available 8,000 brands, 450+ product categories, the consumer database represents the results of 10s of thousands of consumer surveys annually.

More about our Experian partnership.