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The strength of Multimedia Intelligence’s products and services lies in the experience and knowledge of our people. Multimedia Intelligence’s executives each have decades of experience both in market intelligence and directly in technology and media industries.

With direct experience in multimedia markets since the early days of the computing industry, we bring the industries most advanced skills, insights, and expertise to our customers.

MultiMedia Intelligence- Founded by Industry Veteran

Rick Sizemore, President & Founder — This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rick brings over 25 years of market research, strategic planning, and multimedia/convergence experience to Multimedia Intelligence’s clients. He has extensive knowledge across many valued markets including: digital advertising, digital video, broadband and wireless, associated underlying technologies as well as complex financial, social and technological ecosystems.

Mr Sizemore was instrumental in the original launch of the multimedia division of In-Stat, a market research firm. In where he blased new trails with some of the firsts views of technologies that is now in place for this truely multimedia world.  In addition, Mr Sizemore founded his own consulting firm, TRIMM (Total Research in MultiMedia) in the early 1990s, contributing to the success of many of the pioneering companies in the MPEG technology and digital video space. Rick is a well-respected industry expert with decades of experience advising clients on strategic planning, business development, market entry and competitive analysis.

Rick has authored articles in leading trade publications and has most recently been cited in premier business publications, including Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Financial Times. Mr. Sizemore recognition as an industry expert that has included speeches, presentations and moderator roles at CES, CTIA, NAB, Digital Hollywood and many more.

In addition to following the multimedia and digital advertising sectors, Rick previously worked with and for leading semiconductor suppliers including Intel, Burr Brown, and STMicroelectronics. He aided such firms in terms of strategic development and product enhancement, yielding increased market shares and sales.

Philip C.S. Yin PhD, President Advanced Strategies,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dr. Yin, has seen many changes in his long and prosperous career.  His father was the Consulate General for the Chinese Nationalist Government for a decade, serving in the former Soviet Union.  Then Phil and his family came to America during a time when anything was possible. That is what  Phil learned at a very young age and he has kept as his driving principals.  Phil watched as his father and mother had to start over from the binging  in this new land.  They were no longer the family of a high ranking government official.  That is what made Phil the International Business leader he is today.  Growing up in the U.S. wasn’t always easy, but it conditioned Phil for the challenges in his life as well as his career.  

Dr.  Phil Yin, is humble by nature as well as by culture, but he is not writing this.  Dr. Yin’s success comes from a strong sense of doing the right thing.  Phil is a turn around expert, meaning he is brought in to help companies that are struggling.  He does his due diligence and starts the companies on a new path to success.  Phil has done this for  Fortune 100 contracts/joint ventures, international as well as domestically.  He works hard and he brings a vast  arsenal of skills that include:  Trilingual; fluent  in English, Chinese as well as Russian.  Dr. Yin is a true scientist, but he is also a master sales men, he has learned to adapt or die, knowing the message must be tailored to the correct customer/audience, He has a proven track record developing the right product  as well as the correct go to market and business strategies.  A high achiever, who builds new organizations to handle any mission.  He analyzes troubled companies, then reorganizes them into finely tuned, money making machines.  Never satisfied with the status quo  Dr. Yin knows that continuous growth is the only true measure of success.  He has taken several companies international while continually looking for new opportunities/partners that will impact the bottom line.  What is of  most importance, Dr. Philip Yin has been the man that the buck stops at!   Dr. Phil Yin has been the President  & CEO with full P&L and resource responsibility.  This is what  pulls it all together.

Some notable accomplishments: 33% + International Revenue Growth  to $42 million, Drove $70+ million Revenue Increase Over 5 Years, Lead a Startup to $32+ million in 3 Years, Took  a 20 Year Old Company From Last Place to # 2 in World-Wide Market Share by Rebranding It, Took a $2 million Loss and Turned it into a $4 million Gain.

The  Dr. is now working with MMI to expand the coverage into new markets such as Renewable GREEN Technologies.   Decades of Real World experience is now available to MMI.


Jill Meyers, Senior Analyst Future Mobile Applications   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ms. Jill Meyers has a sophisticated background that is well positioned for the markets she has mastered.  Prior to joining MultiMedia Intelligence, Ms. Meyers was a leading analyst at In-Stat addressing a host of markets and technologies primarily in social networks and mobile applications.  Ms. Meyer’s professional experience was developed with purpose, while at Ernst & Young, LLP she was in management consulting with a focus on multi-dimensional database design, data warehousing with the complementary enhancement of integrating marketing/sales data with geographical information systems.


Ms. Meyers after graduate school, worked for the Cable News Network (CNN) in Atlanta for five years. This is where she and the CNN management discovered a value added talent.  The ability to uncover data and facts others couldn’t.  Research was part of her DNA.  She honed this talent and made the move to The Alexander Group, Inc. as a Research Associate.

Jill brings to MultiMedia Intelligence a vast background with surgical skills dissecting markets.  She is going to facilitate the advancement of MMI’s Mobile Applications group.    Jill holds a BS in Journalism/Consumer Economics and a MS in Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia.