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Beyond DRM: MySpace and MTV Leverage Fingerprinting to Monetize Content with Interactive Advertising Print E-mail

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., November 14, 2008— Fingerprinting and digital watermarking (DWM) are two content identification technologies that reach beyond the traditional DRM (Digital Rights Management) philosophy of policing and restricting the distribution of content.  In next-generation applications, these technologies can enable monetization of content that is distributed virally via peer-to-peer, social networks, or user-generated content sites.



An excellent example is the test project that MySpace and MTV Networks are now advancing.  MySpace is using a system from Auditude that combines an interactive ad serving platform with video fingerprinting.  When specific content from MTV Networks is identified using the system, instead of issuing a take-down notice, the system automatically associates an interactive advertisement with the content.  Thus, both companies transform un-licensed content (some might call pirated content) from a negative to a positive.  Interactive advertising on content distributed virally is only one of several possible applications for content identification in advanced interactive business models.  Among the possibilities are:

  • Improved advertising metrics
  • Improved tracking of usage and distribution across non-linear networks and multiple platforms.
  • Automatic, multi-network, multi-platform association of targeted advertising with a given piece of content
  • Association of content or advertising with e-commerce options
  • Association to metadata, or other content

These are just the types of applications that MultiMedia Intelligence predicted early in 2008.  This market is at its nascent stages and has yet to solidify into an even moderately predicable market.  It seems reasonable this market could develop into a stand-alone market of similar scope as that of digital music metadata.  Thus, MultiMedia Intelligence believes the market for software and applications that leverage content identification in advanced interactive business models could surpass $150 Million in 5 years.  Currently, digital watermarking and fingerprinting technologies are making internet and network monitoring viable. As non-linear distribution of digital media continues to proliferate, this technology is bound to become more important in providing critical visibility and control for copyright owners. Next generation applications, like the MySpace initiative, will leverage the same technology to associate and target advertising to specific content titles, thus monetizing the P2P and UGC content.

This MultiMedia Intelligence brief is based on our market research report, "Beyond Traditional DRM: Moving to Digital Watermarking & Fingerprinting in Media Monetization." The report provides:

  • Research, analysis and forecasts for key fingerprinting and digital watermarking applications and technologies, including transactional watermarking in set-top boxes.
  • Identification of key media and DRM trends that are aligning to drive demand for fingerprinting and watermarking.
  • Forecasts and assessments of the digital media ecosystem, the digital watermarking and fingerprinting value chain, and the key segments and players in each application segment.

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