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Maxim Buys Mobilygen, Positioning Themselves for Video Surveillance Semiconductor Opportunity Print E-mail
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., October 16, 2008— Maxim Integrated Products announced earlier this week an agreement to acquire Mobilygen, a privately held, fabless semiconductor company targeting the video surveillance semiconductor market.  This acquisition brings Maxim into a fast growing semiconductor segment, as video surveillance equipment transitions from traditional CCTV cameras to IP-based digital cameras. 


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MultiMedia Intelligence’s recent video surveillance research projects the video surveillance semiconductor market will pass $2 Billion by 2012.   

The opportunity for semiconductors in video surveillance is driven by both top-line unit growth in the surveillance market, as well as an on-going shift to digital and networked video surveillance.  The trend toward IP-based video surveillance equipment ushers in an innovation and technology race that favors sustained semiconductor value.

Mobilygen Positioning

Mobilygen is focused on advanced H.264 codec technology, targeted at video surveillance through its ASSP (application specific standard product).  Their MG3500 HD SOC supports HD resolution video and includes the codec and a host processor.  The MG2500 SD SOC is similar, but targets standard definition video.  Combining the host processor with support for multiple video stream codecs, the devices are oriented toward the surveillance digital video recorder (DVR) market.  Their MG1262-SD codec eliminates the host processor, making it more applicable for IP cameras.

Video Processors & Codecs in Surveillance

The video processor is one of the key semiconductor devices in both the camera market and the DVR market.  The primary function of the video processor is to compress/decompress the digital video and implement the codec algorithms.  MPEG-4 has quickly become a mainstream codec standard for digital surveillance video.  However, rather than replacing MJPEG (Motion JPEG), the MPEG-4 standard is becoming a dual codec in combination with MJPEG.  The H.264 standard is the next generation MPEG-4 codec and is already emerging in the market. A next-generation codec, the Scalable Video Codec (SVC), is on the horizon. As the name implies, SVC is designed to support the video requirements of multiple applications in a single codec.  The video processor also performs image processing and implements video content analytics in advanced systems.  There are three primary implementations for the video processors: 

  • ASIC – Customer-specific video processor/codec implementation
  • DSP – Multi-application, software programmable processor/codec
  • ASSP – Function-specific processor/codec offered to multiple equipment level manufacturers

Fierce Competition in the Emerging Market

The video processor/codec market is becoming more competitive as many processor, ASSP and DSP companies across the semiconductor market have identified the strong video surveillance opportunity.  Texas Instruments has the dominant position in this market. Yet, many companies are positioning to challenge their position.  Among them include Analog Devices, Ambarella, Faraday, Freescale, HiSilicon, NextChip, PentaMicro, Stretch, Stream Processors, and of course… Mobilygen, now Maxim.

This Intelligence brief is based on MultiMedia Intelligence’s recent research, “Internet Protocol (IP)/Networked Video Surveillance Market: Equipment, Technology & Semiconductors”.  The report analyzes the IP/Networked surveillance market within the context of the broader video surveillance industry.  The research examines the value chain from end-users to distribution/sales, integrators, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and semiconductor providers.  Our expertise is based on years of researching the physical security, digital camera and semiconductor markets.

The report forecasts and segments markets by product category, including CCTV & IP cameras, Encoder/Streamers, DVR/NVR, and surveillance software & video content analytics. In addition, detailed technology segmentation and forecasts are included for semiconductors in each product category, video signal processors & codecs, image sensors (CMOS/CCD), camera resolution, and network interfaces (PoE, Wi-Fi/Mesh, and others). Forecasts include units, revenue, ASPs at the equipment, software and semiconductor level by product type.

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