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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., September 10, 2008— The age of Internet video and music is here.  However, nearly all Internet media is still stuck in the PC domain. 

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This works for some consumer demographics, such as youth and early adopters.  However, a much broader market becomes available when Internet video and music can reach the entertainment-centric platforms of TVs, DVD players, set-top boxes, video game consoles and audio equipment.  These Internet-connected consumer electronics devices are critical in establishing Internet-based digital media business models that promise to transform traditional TV and DVD markets.

 Targeting specific consumer household characteristics is a key success factor among companies competing to deliver content, services and equipment into the Internet-connected digital living room.  Download MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper to get a unique perspective on these critically important connected consumers.

MultiMedia Intelligence’s new whitepaper, “A Profile of the Internet-Connected Living Room Consumer,” profiles the target consumer for Internet-connected TV devices. In addition, it provides a profile of current computing-centric home networking households as well as Internet video consumers.

 The whitepaper is free for download and available at  

Other Coverage in the whitepaper includes:

  • Characterization of the digital media ecosystem
  • Household Distribution of Installed Home Networks by Household Income
  • Home Networking Adoption among U.S. Households with Multiple PCs
  • Installed Media (video-enabled) Home Network by Household income- 2012


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