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Free In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Whitepaper Identifies Broadband and Live Video Opportunities Print E-mail
Scottsdale Az, August 13, 2008—  While the airline industry struggles with high fuel costs, in-flight broadband services and live in-flight video services promise new passenger revenue opportunities.  Recent research from MultiMedia Intelligence identifies that the market for In-Flight Broadband services are poised to grow to $ 936 million in 2012, up from initial revenue of $ 6.6 million worldwide in passenger revenues in 2008.  Similarly, the market for in-flight live direct broadcast video is projected to grow from $ 87 million in 2007 to $ 913 million in 2012.


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MultiMedia Intelligence’s new whitepaper, “The Changing Face of IFE: The Re-launch of In-Flight Broadband " provides a summary view of the emerging opportunities for companies addressing the market, including airlines, equipment providers and service providers. 

Other Coverage in the whitepaper includes:

  • Overview of the Changing Face of IFE
  • Current Market Factors Enabling and Inhibiting Growth
  • Examination of Deployment Costs and Revenue Opportunities


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