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The teen market is an especially appealing market for two reasons.  First, it is a primary source of new subscribers for carriers.  Less than 40% of pre-teens have mobile service.  By age 17, 84% of teens have wireless services, with the penetration skewing higher for females.

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This goal of this whitepaper is to quantify and describe the U.S. teen market for wireless services.  For the purposes of this report, we define “teen” as the age group of 12 to 17 year old individuals.

MultiMedia Intelligence brings a unique and rigorous methodology to sizing and forecasting the teen wireless market.  The depth of the supply side model and primary-based survey data (based on 2,000 to 2,500 teens annually) creates an exceptional piece of research.  It is important to note that this report is  a result of the strategic relationship between Experian and MultiMedia Intelligence. 

MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper, “The-US-Wireless-Teen-Market" is free for download.




This whitepaper is based on MultiMedia Intelligence's research report "The Maturing Wireless Teen Market: 12-17 US Wireless Teens ".


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