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Whitepaper: Today’s and Tomorrow’s Generation of Mobile Content Print E-mail

Early content successes have been based on personalization rather than entertainment.  The first major “content” win for operators was with ringtones.  For the content providers, ringtones have almost been an industry savior. 

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One would think that with all the content currently being pushed onto the handset that there would not be any new services to offer.  The reality is that with billions of mobile subscribers, if one can capture even “a rounding error” worth of subscribers, that one can make a significant profit. 

There are four fundamental types of content are delivered to handsets:  music, images, video and games.  Music breaks into several sub-categories including ringtones (further divided into both polyphonic and realtones), ringback tones, full track downloads and streaming music.  MMI also counts adult content, which combines and spans all four “media” major categories.  MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper, “The-US-Wireless-Teen-Market" is free for download.



This whitepaper is based on MultiMedia Intelligence's research report "Mobile Premium Content: Games, Graphics, & Adult".


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