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Free Connected Home Whitepaper Identifies Internet-Enabled Consumer Electronics Market Print E-mail

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 30, 2008— Adoption of an Internet Protocol (IP) interface is growing across virtually all TV-oriented consumer electronics devices, according to a new whitepaper recently released by MultiMedia Intelligence.

Manufacturers of IPTV, cable, and satellite set-top boxes, video game consoles, Blu-ray DVD players, audio devices, digital media adapters and a new class of Internet-enabled TVs are adding an IP connection to their boxes. By 2012, MultiMedia Intelligence projects over 217 million Internet-enabled consumer electronics will be shipping annually.

However, simply integrating an IP connection into CE devices is not enough to achieve the truly transformational impact that this market could ultimately have. The complete ecosystem involves the underlying semiconductor technologies, the equipment, telecom operators and compelling content and services.

The Free whitepaper, “IP-Enabled Consumer Electronics: Semiconductors, Service Providers and Content Complete the Ecosystem” examines the market opportunities as consumer electronics manufacturers incorporate internet and home networking capabilities into their devices. The whitepaper lays out the connected home ecosystem, identifying how key interface technologies come together with content business models and consumer usage models.

Access the free whitepaper via this link.

Other Coverage in the whitepaper includes:

· Consumer Electronics Device Types and how Blu-Ray DVD will Ultimately Become the Biggest Segment

· Enabling Physical interfaces, including wired Ethernet, 802.11, Powerline and Coax

· Connectivity Semiconductors & Software

· Remaining Market Obstacles

· IP-Enabled Consumer Electronics Market Outlook


About Multimedia Intelligence

MultiMedia Intelligence specializes on the markets and technologies for delivering IP-based video to the ‘Nth’ screen. Looking beyond the classic ‘three screens,’ the company provides a multi-platform, ecosystem-based perspective. Our research and market development services help companies involved in monetizing content and enabling digital media distribution.