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Blu-Ray DVD Players/Recorders will be Highest Volume Internet-Enabled Consumer Electronics Print E-mail

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. February 26, 2008 -- MultiMedia Intelligence reports today that Blu-Ray DVD players and recorders will represent the largest segment of Internet Protocol (IP) enabled consumer electronics.

The connected DVD equipment segment will reach nearly 50 million units by 2012. This fact is particularly impressive as these Blu-Ray device volumes are in addition to video game consoles, where Blu-Ray DVD is integrated into Sony’s PS3.

Adoption of IP interfaces is progressing across a variety of consumer electronics devices, including video game consoles, TVs, DVD equipment, audio equipment, as well as cable, telco, and satellite set-top boxes. Total annual shipments of IP-Enabled Consumer Electronics devices reached 64 Million units in 2007. Currently video game consoles represent the largest segment. However, next generation Blu-Ray DVD equipment is already integrating Internet connectivity to enhance interactivity and online applications.

“The end of the format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD promises to accelerate shipment volume of Blu-Ray DVD equipment.” according to Mark Kirstein, President of MultiMedia Intelligence. “As a result, Blu-Ray DVD equipment could become the largest volume segment of IP-Enabled Consumer devices even sooner than 2012.“

MultiMedia Intelligence’s new research also found:

· Adoption of IP interfaces is growing steadily, but not explosively. The entire market is still challenged to address ease-of-use, interoperability and numerous business model issues.

· Beyond the nearly standard Cat 5 Ethernet interface, Wi-Fi (802.11x) will represent the interface of choice for nearly 40% of IP-Enabled DVD players. Coax and Powerline interfaces will see lower adoption.

· The semiconductor revenue for the IP interfaces across all Consumer Electronics devices covered will exceed $2 Billion by 2012.

"Internet Protocol (IP)-Enabled Consumer Electronics: Internet Video & Digital Media to the TV" analyzes the service providers, equipment vendors, content service offerings and technology in the multimedia-networked home. The report also looks at in-home connectivity including analysis and forecasts of Ethernet, Powerline, coax, and Wi-Fi integrated into consumer electronics. Other forecasts include worldwide subscribers for broadband, VoIP, cable TV, satellite TV, and IPTV. The associated set top boxes, adoption of network-interfaces by device type, as well as the middleware and interface semiconductors are also included. Device segments include TVs, DVD players and recorders, DMAs, video game consoles, media servers, DVRs and set top boxes.

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