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There is No Such Thing as Green

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May, 04, 2010 –  There’s No Such Thing as GREEN Technologies– Just Good Business: Economic, Technological, and Political Influences in “Green” Thinking. The study profiles, defines and then forecasts the GREEN Ecosystem.  It explains why the oil industry isn't evil.  It addresses many of the issues that are slowing many alternatives and the reasons why.  It defines the future based on FACT from politics to why some technologies have more hype than actual value. The study addresses the technology from Semiconductors to fossil based energy.  Why each have value and why the world as we know it will change but not because of Global Warming aka Climate Change but because of technology and the technologists that have been driving new ways of making things better, faster, and cheaper.    

  • Solar
  • Natural Gas
  • Wind
  • Coal
  • Crude
  • Nuclear
  • Semiconductor
  • Global Business
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Automotive Tech
  • The GRID
  • Who Wins

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Think Narrow, Win Large: Advertising, Analytics, and Applications in Digital Signage

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June, 25 2009, — MultiMedia Intelligence has been dissecting the global financial recession that began officially in December of 2007, and then escalated the second half of 2008.  MMI saw how Q4 2008 adversely affected the digital signage industry.  The money that advertisers had been willing to spend on digital signage had been growing roughly 20% annually in the years 2003-2008.  Then Sub-Prime, Oil Prices, Banking, etc hit.  While it is impossible to anticipate when global financial markets will turn around, it can be definitely said that ad revenues in 2009 most likely will not match the ad revenues generated from digital signage in 2008. For more information or to purchase please click here.

DRM + Multiplatform + Interoperable = Revenue

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 11, 2009 - Multiplatform and Interoperable DRM will represent over 8% WW of pay TV subscribers participating in a multiplatform offers by 2012. Yet in many respects currently it still remains a goal rather than current practice.  However time and the natural progression of these services on multiplatforms will start to solidify into an ecosystem capable of supporting and justifying a multifaceted but cohesive offer.  For the immediate future smaller scale multiplatform initiatives will remain fragmented with third parties providing the platform, DRM or both.

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A Room Full of Strangers Visit the IP Connected Home

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 3, 2009, —Consumer electronics devices manufacturers and CE industry pundits have long predicted a truly interconnected IP home.  MultiMedia Intelligence isn’t the only company looking for true convergence; it exists but hard to fine.  But there has always been some type of problem. The lack of a healthy ecosystem has always been a requisite for this to happen, until now.  The ingredients for the IP connected home include the availability of IP content aggregators, streaming video codecs, centralized network connectivity, and reliable wireless protocols.  MultiMedia Intelligence believes that the necessary technology platforms are in place now and forecasts 244.5 million IP-Connected devices will be shipped in 2013.

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Network Digital Signage Will Save the Big Three as well as the Super Bowl

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., December 15, 2008—GM, Ford and Chrysler are feeling the pain of this economy, but not as badly as advertisers.  In 2008, GM alone had a greater than $ 2B budget for marketing and advertisement.  When Q3 2008 was over, most of that budget was pulled.  That means plans for those multimillion dollar ads for the Super Bowl in February will be cut back or gone completly.   This is impacting all advertisers that spend big money.  It’s all about ROI. This is proven by Digital Signage being able to moderate the health of each display, schedule content and advertisements, allow for single-point remote management of a network, and provide proof of play according to recent research conducted by MultiMedia Intelligence.

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$ 4.1 Billion of US Broadband Operator CAPEX in 2007 "Attributed" to P2P

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., December 10, 2008— US.1 Billion of US Broadband Operator CAPEX in 2007 was driven by consumers’ use of peer-to-peer (P2P) networking, according to recent research by MultiMedia Intelligence. This is slightly down from the .2 billion spent in 2006.

CAPEX is not the only cost center for broadband operators when it relates to P2P; OpEX is affected as well. In 2008, US broadband operators incurred almost 0 million in OpEX expense as a result of P2P networking.


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US Mobile Handset Market & Customer Segementation

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. December 9, 2008—MultiMedia Intelligence projects that Motorola will remain the most successful mobile handset manufacturer in the US market in 2008, but that share is rapidly fading. According to recent research by MultiMedia Intelligence, Motorola is projected to provide 21% of all handsets consumed in the consumer market in the US. Samsung and LG are closing fast and promise to surpass Motorola in 2009. "The market share changes among the top mobile handset providers is noteworthy; however, it is not the story of the market," according to Rick Sizemore, Chief Strategy Officer with MultiMedia Intelligence. "The market share gains made by RIM and Apple are coming at the expense of the market incumbents and are affecting the way the entire market competes."

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US LCD TV Market Revenue Stalls Moving into 2009; Impact Hits Multiple Income Segments

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., November 19, 2008— When the 2008 holiday season has ended in the United States, 33.1 million LCD TVs will have been sold to US consumers, according to recent research by MultiMedia Intelligence.  However, while the number of LCD TVs sold moving into 2009 will rise, a steep decline in Average Selling Prices (ASPs) will sap 2009 overall revenue growth.  Further, market weakness will impact multiple income segments, including households with income below $ 35,000 as well as households with income between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000.

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Weak Global Economy will depress the Network Digital Display software market in 2009 and 2010
$ 4.1 Billion of US Broadband Operator CAPEX in 2007 "Attributed" to P2P
Motorola Maintains US Mobile Phone Dominance in 2008, but Position is Fading Fast
US LCD TV Market Revenue Stalls Moving into 2009; Impact Hits Multiple Income Segments
SMS to Enable Interactivity for 40% of Network Digital Displays by 2012
The Value of Unlicensed Music “Shared” Worldwide on P2P Networks in 2007 was US$ 69 billion
Beyond DRM: MySpace and MTV Leverage Fingerprinting to Monetize Content with Interactive Advertising
Free Whitepaper from MultiMedia Intelligence Identifies Networked Video Surveillance Opportunities
Comcast’s Wider Pipes and Broadband Caps Seemingly at Odds: P2P Complicates Matters
Digital Signage Market Growth Continues as IP Drives Next Generation Advertising, According to MultiMedia Intelligence, But Economic Weakness Looms. Oct 28, 2008
P2P Traffic to Grow Almost 400% over the Next 5 Years, as Legitimate P2P Applications Become a Meaningful Segment- Oct 21, 2008
Maxim Buys Mobilygen, Positioning Themselves for Video Surveillance Semiconductor Opportunity- Oct 16, 2008
iPhone is an iTarget. Nokia’s First Shot is Just a Warning.- Oct 15, 2008
Beyond Day and Date DVD Release: Reversing the Release Windows - Oct 8, 2008
Hispanic Teens Increasingly Important Wireless Consumers, According to MultiMedia Intelligence- Oct 7, 2008
San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles are the Most Connected Cities, Based on Home Networking Adoption, According to MultiMedia Intelligence- Sept 30, 2008
Free Teen Wireless Whitepaper Quantifies and Describes the US Teen Market- Sept 16, 2008
Free Whitepaper Identifies the Internet-Connected Living Room Consumer- Sept 10, 2008
Semiconductor Opportunity in Consumer/DIY Video Surveillance Camera Market to Reach $ 260 Million- Aug 20, 2008
Ringback Tones Drive Mobile Premium Content Market, Nearly Tripling to $ 4.7 Billion Market in 2012- Aug 18, 2008
Free In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Whitepaper Identifies Broadband and Live Video Opportunities- Aug 13, 2008
Karl Marx Be Damned, Home Networking is the Playground of the Rich- Aug 12, 2008
Interactive Mobile TV Spawns "Call to Action" Advertising, Reaching $ 419 Million in Revenue by 2012- Aug 5, 2008
US Teenage Girls Mature with Mobile Phones Earlier than US Teenage Boys- Jul 29, 2008
The Latest Movies, Coming to a Game Consoles near You- Jul 22, 2008
East Coast or West Coast, Upper Middle Class Households Are the Target Internet-Connected TV Devices- Jul 15, 2008
Free Mobile Content Whitepaper Identifies 3 Buckets of Revenue Leakage in Mobile Content Commerce- Jul 14, 2008
Mobile TV and Video to Exceed $ 15 Billion in Worldwide Revenue by 2012- Jul 9, 2008
Good Bye Stale Old Movies, Live In-Flight Video Revenue to Exceed $ 900 Million by 2012- Jun 30, 2008
Operators Beware: Teen Mobile Market Running Out of Steam as Subscribers Reach the Saturation Point- Jun 30, 2008
Video Surveillance Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Market Fragmenting Among Product Categories- Jun 18, 2008
Airline Industry Seeks New Revenue: In-Flight Broadband Service Revenue Approaches $ 1B by 2012- Jun 8, 2008
Video Surveillance Semiconductor Market to Grow Rapidly, Surpassing $ 2 Billion by 2012- Jun 4, 2008
MultiMedia Intelligence Partners With Experian for Integrated Industry and Consumer Research- May 28, 2008
Netflix/Roku Internet to the TV Box: Another Piece of the Ecosystem- May 21, 2008
The Wrath of the Carrier—Off-Deck Providers Beware- May 20, 2008
Mobile Content Platform Market Reaches $ 3.4 Billion Dollars, Up Almost 20% But Short of Expectations- Apr 30, 2008
Free Connected Home Whitepaper Identifies Internet-Enabled Consumer Electronics Market- Apr 30, 2008
IP/Networked Video Surveillance Market Grows 48% in 2007, according to MultiMedia Intelligence- Apr 22, 2008
Home Consumer/DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Video Surveillance Camera Market to be $ 1 Billion by 2012
The Mobile Industry Responds to the iPhone--Touch Screen Phones to Ship 178 million units by 2011 - Apr 8, 2008
Music Phones Surpass ½ Billion Units Shipped in 2007, Making It the Dominant Portable Music Device- Mar 26, 2008
IP-Enabled Consumer Electronics to Drive a $ 2.5B Connectivity Semiconductor Market by 2012- Mar 13, 2008
Internet Monitoring & Network Filtering Market Becoming Explosive Digital Watermarking Application- Mar 6, 2008
Blu-Ray DVD Players/Recorders will be Highest Volume Internet-Enabled Consumer Electronics- Feb 22, 2008
Opportunity for Transactional Digital Watermarks in Set-top Boxes- Feb 13, 2008
Free Whitepaper- Hotspot Success Determined by Six Competitive Factors- Jan 24, 2008
MultiMedia Intelligence Identifies Digital Watermarking & Fingerprinting As Key New Opportunity - Jan 21, 2008
Open Mobile Platforms and Internet Video- Dec 31, 2007
Death by a Billion IP Video Streams- Dec 18, 2008
Wal-Mart Introduces Integrated Mobile and Digital Signage Offering . . . and Gets It Right- Dec 3, 2008
Multimedia Mobile Phone Shipments Surpass TV Shipments in 2008 According to MultiMedia Intelligence- Nov 27, 2007
Free Mobile Advertising Whitepaper Issued by MultiMedia Intelligence with iHollywood Forum- Nov 16, 2007
Cellular Handsets and VoFi Drive a Revolution in Wi-Fi Hot Spots- Oct 22, 2007
GPhone Details Surface-Foretelling of a Trend- Oct 10, 2007
Warning: Cisco Positioning Itself to Dominate Next Generation Enterprise IP Video Applications- Oct 4, 2007
New Media Captures Huge Advertising Dollars as Technology and Advertising Collide- Sept 11, 2007
Industry Veterans Unite to Form MultiMedia Intelligence; a Unique New Market Research and Consultancy- Sept 6, 2007

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